Hydrospeed dans le Morvan en Bourgogne

Découvrez avec les guides d’AN Rafting l’hydrospeed en Bourgogne, une activité d’eau-vive dans le Morvan à vivre sur la Cure ou le Chalaux, dans la Nièvre.

À consommer sans modération !

Nage en eau vive : le plein de sensation !

Hydrospeed Morvan: Practice swimming in white water also called hydrospeed. In the Morvan, located only a few hours from Paris, there is a paradise for white water sports. Thus, equipped with a float, a neoprene suit and a lifejacket, you will discover the first sensations of the sea. hydrospeed in the heart of the Morvan.You will sail on the full course of Chalaux between the Chaumeçon dam and the village of Chalaux, 5 km below. The descent will be particularly appreciated by lovers of sensations … With hydrospeed discover the first thrills White water! Small focus on hydrospeed: In this activity, you will be directly in the water with just a small float in front of you. This is not called swimming in white water for nothing. So, this is an activity reserved for water lovers and good swimmers. It’s finally, pretty close to the sea surf in the big waves. To summarize, it’s probably the most intense activity we offer. So thrill seekers, sportsmen and water lovers will be thrilled!

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